Stained glass for doors

Stained glass for doors

IKO Studio creates stained glass for doors from highly classic styles to modern or abstract ones. Doors play a fundamental role in interior design and the entrance door is certainly the first impression a guest has of your house. The doors we work with can be double or single, sliding, hinged or retractable, the important thing is that they have a glass part that we can replace with a custom stained glass. IKO Studio stained glass doors are unique pieces of art, entirely handmade in Italy. Our works can be made simply with a mosaic of colored glass, including cathedral glass, opalescent or with the most precious mouth-blown glass, all mounted using the leaded glass technique. For an even more prestigious door, the individual glass tiles can be finely painted with the grisaille technique kiln-fired at high temperatures to guarantee painting and stains will last eternally. We collaborate with specialized carpenters to create new doors or we can replace common glass with our stained glass in any existing door.


A stained glass door uniquely enhances and personalises any environment and can complement the style of your home. It can be created with vivid colors or by using softer colors or colorless glass which is especially popular for interior doors when maximising available light is important. We can play with transparencies, semi-transparencies and opacity, for private or intimate environments such as bathroom, bedrooms or home offices. With our experience we can take care of your design by creating a unique skedesign for you or alternatively we can reproduce any project on glass.

Safety and thermal insulation

Safety and thermal insulation are key when it comes to exterior doors. A stained glass can be inserted in double glazing, that is, between two 6/7 mm thick shatterproof glass plates with the classic thermal duct. The double glazing will reach a thickness of 21 mm and will have an insulation effect superior to the classic double glazing.

Stiffening bars

To reinforce leaded panels and avoid bulging or buckling over time,we recommended adding stiffening bars. These are made with a 6 mm thick iron bar linked to lead weaving with copper wires, this is a traditional method that has been used for centuries. The bars can be placed horizontally or shaped, and each time we use them, they are carefully integrated into the design so as not to disturb its aesthetic.
Iron bars for stained glass

Shipments all over the world

We often create works for customers far from our headquarters in Bolsena, our customers are constantly updated with images on the progress of the work via email or whatsapp. We ship our works anywhere in Italy or throughout the world in specially made wooden crates and with suitable packaging.
IKO Studio stained glass doors
Door with simple and elegant stained glass

Simplicity and elegance

Backgrownd in cathedral glass, border and diamonds in mouth blown glass for a classic and elegant style Find out more
Handcrafted door with flowers

Door with floral pattern

Cathedral glass backgrownd, red border and floral composition with grisaille painting Find out more
Hydrangeas stained glass

Hydrangeas door

Cathedral glass background, blue border with blown glass, finely painted hydrangea decoration Find out more
Porta Scorrevole Geometrica

Geometric door design

Modern door made with colorless glass with differen textures that give it brilliance Find out more
Handcrafted door with stained glass

Door with long and thin panels

braided border of yellow glass, champagne cathedral background and grisaille painted Solomon’s knot Find out more
Leaded Stained Glass with Butterflies

Door with angel trumpets and butterflies

a floral pattern with angel trumpets and finely painted grisaille butterflies on a beautiful blue mouth blown glass background Find out more
Stained Glass for English Door

English door with flowers and butterflies

Door panel for a house in York finely decorated with peonies, honeysuckle and blue butterflies Find out more
Artistic Door Venice

Venetian atmosphere door

Leaded glass panel created with various types of glass inspired by the Gothic arches of Venetian windows Find out more
Stained glass window with flowers for a door

Stained glass window with flowers for a door

Our client’s four favorite flowers decorate this stained glass window made for a door in Norway Find out more