Hydrangeas stained glass

This winter we worked on three stained glass windows depicting different varieties of hydrangeas. Below is a short story that summarizes our experience.

Some time ago we started a collaboration with Massimiliano, a very skilled carpenter from Bolsena, the medieval town where we are located and where you can admire the largest hidrangeas collection in Italy .

When Massimiliano had to create a boiserie for a private apartment in Orvieto, he thought of us for the glass in the door and in the two windows in the upper part of the structure. This boiserie works as a divider between the study and the entrance corridor and required glass openings to illuminate the spaces.

The customer was enthusiastic about the idea to insert stained glass panels instead of the common frosted glass.

Hydrangeas stained glass detail

Inspired by our hydrangeas wall lamp, the clients opted for a similar design, with the addition of a lively blue blown glass border and cathedral glass backgrownd.

A larger bunch of hydrangeas was inserted in the stained glass panel for the door and two smaller ones for the windows in the upper part of the boiserie.

For the realization of the flowers we used blown glass that offers a wider variety of colors than industrial glass. Cathedral glass, on the other hand, has the advantage of letting light through, while blocking transparency and guaranteeing privacy to the rooms.

Here you can admire some images of the entire structure and some details of our windows.

IKO Studio develops your projects creating unique stained glass windows following your desires.

Even if hydrangeas are not what you are looking for, remember that our work is 100% handcrafted. We will design a door just for you.

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