Handcrafted door with flowers

Handcrafted door with flowers made for a house in Viterbo.

A talented carpenter from Bolsena asked us to design the stained glass with floral elements for a double-leaf interior door that is making.

After the approval of the cartoon and the estimate, we got to work.

We have used a variety of glass with different textures for this handcrafted door with flowers.

Two shades of cathedral yellow were used for the background, one of which is slightly streaky for the background, while we cut the flowers, the leaves and the red glass of the edge with more transparent blown glasses and with brighter colors.

The flowers and leaves will be further enriched by our traditional glass painting, fired in the kiln at hight temperatures.

For assembling the stained glass we used differnt lead thicknesses. For the horizontal lines we used 6mm leads, this allowed us to completely hide the iron bars that are used to strengthen the window avoiding the classic bulging.

Handcrafted door with flowers
Stained Glass Door IKO Studio
Signed IKO Studio
Porta Artistica Fiori
Flowers detail

This handcrafted door with flowers created the perfect entrance to the living room, giving color and brightness to the environment.

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