Leaded Stained Glass with Butterflies

Creation of a stained glass for a door in a private apartment in Milan, depicting butterflies and flowers. Our client asked for bright colored butterflies that we decided to combine with beautiful floripondio flowers also called angel’s trumpet.

Glass Cutting

We will cut the flowers, leaves and butterflies with a mix of machine made glass and mouth blown glass.
For the background we’ll use a beautiful light blue mouth blown glass. This hand made glass with his different thickness will create a lovely different intensiti of light blue.

Glass cutting for leaves and flowers
Leaded Stained Glass with Butterflies Detail Glass Cutting

Glass painting

With a thin brush we trace the grisaille trace lines and then apply a light wash of paint to obtain an effect that simulates the delicacy of the butterflies wings.

painting butterflies
Glass Painting Orange Butterfly

The finished work

This window will become an exclusive entrance door. This leaded stained glass with butterflies has been inserted into double glazing between two sheets of protection glass in order to guarantee home safety and thermal and acoustic insulation.

Leaded Stained Glass with Butterflies

Over the years many artists have worked with stained glass butterflies, IKO Studio will be happy to develop your personalized project.