Safety glass, the lockdown class  I haven't written an article about one of my courses for a long time, but Daniela's course was one of the most original. Daniela is Italian American and when she organized her course with us she was staying with her paternal family in Emilia Romagna. During the first week of the course, an ordinance closed the areas most at risk of contagion, including Emilia Romagna. Daniela who, however, had booked a two-week course decided to stay for the second week. It is precisely during the second week of the course that all of Italy became a red zone and Daniela remained stuck in Bolsena and sp she decided to continue working with stained-glass. Her two-week course turned into a three-month seminar. In this video Daniela talks about her experience in English

Safety glass, the lockdown class

Safety glass, the lockdown class I haven’t written an article about one of my courses for a long time, but Daniela’s course was one of …

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Corsi di Vetrate Green

Eco-friendly stained glass courses

Eco-friendly stained glass courses Eco-friendly stained glass courses are a personal initiative by IKO Studio that we are starting to help decrease the environmental impact …

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Corsi di vetrate del 2019

Stained glass courses during 2019

Stained glass courses during 2019 2019 was for us one of the most productive years for our intensive one to one stained glass courses. Students …

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Vetrata con San Francesco Volto

Stained glass window featuring Saint Francis

I recently created a stained glass window featuring St. Francis for the gallery B.A.T. of Assisi. I decided to represent Saint Francis because Assisi is …

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Vetrata Artistica con Foglia oro Taglio del Vetro

Stained Glass with Gold Leaf

Stained glass with gold leaf I was recently asked to make a stained-glass using gold leaf. Being used to work with clients from various nationalities …

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Madonna of Guadalupe red angel

Virgin of Guadalupe

Recently, I created a stained glass Virgin of Guadalupe with both contemporary and controversial contents. I had been contacted by a client who collects contemporary …

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Feast Of Hydrangeas Suncatcher

Hydrangea’s festival

From Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June in Bolsena will take place as every year the Hydrangea’s festival. Europe‚Äôs largest volcanic lake offers the ideal …

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Arab Rose window

Islamic Rose Window

We have recently created a islamic rose window to be exhibited at the New Murano Gallery in Murano Venice. Everything is concentrated on a beautiful …

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Second course on glass painting in Colombia

Second glass painting course in Colombia

In December 2018 we completed our second glass painting course in Colombia. After last year glass painting course in Colombia, still in collaboration with Milton …

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