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Stained glass by IKO Studio

IKO is an Italian stained glass studio specializing in custom designed panels for homes and religious buildings, as well as intensive and residential courses for beginners or professionals.

Glass is our passion

IKO Studio can adapt the elegance of a stained glass window to any style, from  traditional to religious or modern designs. Our passion for experimentation leads to us creating spectacular contemporary stained glass windows.

Iko Studio’s stained glass windows offer a unique solution for any window, doors, sliding door, interior partition, skylight, or even back-lit false ceilings. Iko Studio also produces original, bespoke interior design lamps.

Being so passionate about stained glass pushes us to create unique and complex works, designed according a wide range of tastes and styles. Each window is produced with the highest degree of professionalism. Furthermore, IKO Studio also produces elegant wall lamps, ceiling lights, and gift ideas for special occasions such as  weddings, births as well as memorial glass for a past loved one. We guarantee to put the same care, dedication and attention to detail in every job, no matter how big or small.

Painting is our strength

IKO studio stained glass windows are produced with the highest quality colored glass available on the market and we specialise in painting on glass using the traditional grisaille technique. Diego Tolomelli’s skill as a painter means his work can be appreciated from a distance as well as close up. Each layer of colour is added using special pigments, enamels and stains, which are, fired in our kiln, ensuring the colours and design last a lifetime.

The studio and the artist

IKO Studio was founded in Rome in 2006 by artist Diego Tolomelli who, having obtained over 10 years of experience working with some of the most prestigious stained glass studios in England. Projects included windows for the Houses of Parliament, as well as numerous churches, private houses and stately homes. He returned to Italy and worked for a short time in a well known studio in Rome and after completing a number of important commissions, he decided to open a professional studio so as to focus on offering stained glass of the highest possible quality.


We are experienced in working with architects and interior designers from all over the world too. We have produced windows for churches, public buildings and stately homes throughout Europe, Africa and Japan. We enable you to offer a premium product to your clients, on time and within budget and without problems. We also have an extensive network of other trusted Italian artisans who we collaborate with for mosaics and frescos and carpentry.

The studio and its gallery are located in Bolsena  at the edge of the largest volcanic lake in Europe. Bolsena is a beautiful historic town that is popular with tourists, artists and historians alike, as well nature lovers.

How much can cost a stained glass? Consult our guide regarding the price for a stained glass

Courses for professionals and hobby enthusiasts

Diego also teaches and trains others in the main techniques of creating stained glass. He has a deep commitment to passing on not only skills but the passion he has for this ancient art form. In its spaces it offers intensive courses throughout the year, of one or more weeks with the possibility of accommodation. The intensive course formula is much more productive than a classic weekly course. The intensive course offers the student the opportunity to concentrate for the entire duration of the course until the end of the project.

Restoration and Conservation

Diego also specialises in the restoration and conservation of medieval stained glass. Frequently stained glass windows that have been damaged, even extensively, can be restored. This is particularly significant with historically important stained glass windows, or windows that have some emotional or religious value. Diego’s experience, passion and skill means your window is in good hands, and will be restored as close to its former glory as is technically possible.

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For me, the magic of stained glass comes from the way in which coloured glass becomes transformed by light, the way in which the tiny bubbles trapped within the glass, give it movement and sparkle. The magic becomes complete once paint is applied to the glass, creating delicate shading, subduing the light in places whilst highlighting it in others. This art form is unique. It has transparency within its soul and this becomes glorious and radiant with light.