Stained Glass For Door

I recently worked for the creation of a stained glass for door for a private house in York, England.

A dear friend of mine, Sarah who I know from the days when I lived in Birmingham, knew my work and being a fan asked me to create a stained glass panel for the door of her new home in York.

I visited the city of York a few years ago for a Christmas holiday. For anyone who has never been there, it is a lovely medieval English town, with narrow streets, ancient walls. The fantastic cathedral York Minster is a must for those who decide to spend a holiday in England.

The idea that some of my stained glass would be in a door in York made me very happy.The idea of creating this stained glass for my friend Sarah made me even happier.

I have known Sarah for several years and my most vivid memory of her is her passion for plants and flowers. She makes the most wonderful cut flower arrangements. In fact, flowers was what she wanted depicted on her stained glass, in particular peonies and honeysuckle with the addition of English holly-blue butterflies.

So I created a hand-drawn water-coloured cartoon for Sarah, sent it on to her and fortunately she liked straight away.

Door Stained Glass Cartoon

To create her window I decided to combine mainly opaque and opalescent glass, so as to preserve her privacy in the house and I decided to put a border of transparent mouth blown blue glass. The peonies were created with gold pink Lambert’s glass and the depth of the petals was reinforced by shadowing with glass paint and pink enamel.

During the work I had a visit from Giuliano, my supplier from the firm Vetrolandia. He paid me an accidental compliment as he presumed that the complicated cuts for the peony petals had been done using an electric machine – of course, all the glass is cut by hand.

Once complete, the stained glass was packed and boxed for shipping to Nottingham to the Old English Door company, a firm specialized in high quality doors. They took responsibility for double-glazing the glass and mounting it in a beautiful wooden door, which Sarah had chosen.

English Door

Our stained glass for door finished

Stained Glass for English Door

Sarah was obviously very happy about her stained glass and we were as happy to have contributed to adorning her home and also making her street in York, even more beautiful.

In the various years we have asked for various stained glass windows with butterflies, in our portfolio you can find all the work created by IKO Studio and decide the style of your stained glass for door.