Door with simple and elegant stained glass

Renovation of a common door into a door with simple and elegant stained glass.

This double door still carried industrial molded glass most likely from the 1970s. We created custom-made leadlight and replaced the existing glass.
These stained glass were made with a base of colorless cathedral glass that is excellent for letting light through, and its almost frosty effect guarantees privacy to your home.
The green border was instead made with a precious mouth blown glass rich in bubbles that vibrate with natural light.
Its simple design with blown glass border and diamonds give it its elegance to the door.

Stained glass leading process
The stained glass leading process

We have created a video presentation for this door with simple and elegant stained glass.

If you are looking for something more particular, remember that our works are 100% handcrafted. We will design a new project according to your tastes.

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