Stained glass window with flowers for a door

We were contacted from Norway to create a stained glass window with flowers for a door.
Our customers had clear ideas, they wanted an artistic door with their four favorite flowers, a yellow echinacea, snowdrop, a lotus flower and a red rose, and a leaf decoration.

Having good drawing skills, they also provided us with a sketch to suit the stained glass techniques and the glass size required.Schizzo del cliente

Stained glass cartoon
Our design

Using pictorial effects we played with opacity and transparencies, added a red border of mouth blown glass and painted the four roundels with flowers with grisaille and transparent enamels at high temperatures.

The window was inserted in double glazing with shatterproof glass in order to make it safe and to ensure thermal insulation.
This flower stained glass window for a door was packed in a wooden crate and shipped to Bergen, a beautiful city in Norway.

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