Geometric design door


Geometric design door created for a client who loves light and minimal design.


Ivano loves geometric designs. His apartment in Arezzo, is a temple to geometry, with geometric marble floors to walls. He contacted us recently to request a sliding door between his living room and study.  As the geometric patterns in Ivano’s apartment are predominantly in white, he wanted this theme carried into the door.


The idea of white glass can mean different things to different people: transparent, colourless, opaque? When designing a window or door, the concept of privacy is often important. It’s important to let light in, but not prying eyes.


For Ivano’s design, we opted for colourless glass, but with interesting textures, which would distort and bend the light, so offering privacy, but maintain a neutral colour.

The prism effect that we obtain in the outer border was created using glass that had been up-cycled from an old 1970s style door.  The light passing through the quarries is filtered through countless bubbles, that are trapped in the Labmberts mouth blown glass.

Geometric style door

The wooden frame for the door was handcrafted by a carpenter from Arezzo, who skillfully created something modern and minimal, which complemented rather than distracted from the stained glass.


Because of its function as a door and the glass panels relative size, we strengthened the glass with iron bars, which were perfectly shaped to follow the leaded lines, so they vanished within the design itself.

Iron bars for stained glass
Iron bars for stained glass door

If geometric design is not for you, remember our work is 100% handcrafted. With us you can create your favorite style door a unique door, created especially for you. Read more about IKO Studio’s stained glass for doors