From Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June in Bolsena will take place as every year the Hydrangea’s festival.

Europe’s largest volcanic lake offers the ideal characteristics of a soil rich in minerals and plenty of water for the Hydrangeas a flower originating in Asia and in particular China and Japan.

The Hydrangeas botanical experiment in this beautiful town of the Tuscia region dates back to the early 1900s. Now Bolsena preserves about 120 different species that adorn the avenue of plane trees that leads to the lake and the various gardens of the city, offering an unmissable blooming for fans of this flower.

For the occasion of the hydrangea festival, the narrow streets of the medieval village will be invaded by nursery exhibitions from all over Italy with unusual plants and flowers even if the queen of the event will be the hydrangea. Specialised nurseries will present the most peculiar and rare varieties and the flowering of the Bolsena gardens will offer the ideal backdrop.

During this event guided tours will be offered for Palazzo del Drago built in the sixteenth century by the Farnese family and its beautiful gardens a food itinerary is organised with local wine, food and Lake Bolsena specialties.

Hydrangea's festival
Glass Garden

The glass garden

IKO Studio, Bolsena’s stained glass studio, will take part of the Hydrangeas Festival and present a glass garden exhibiting stained glass windows and glass gift with floral themes.

During this event we will exhibit alongside the bio-dynamic nursery Rose e Rose of Terni, who will present their beautiful rare roses and ornamental herbaceous plants.

Feast Of Hydrangeas Suncatcher