Horse stained glass window

In this article we want to show our horse stained glass window created recently exclusively out of passion.

Painting with Napoleon on the horse

Animals have always been sources of inspiration in art, but certainly the most represented animal was the horse, either due to its importance as a means of transport or as an efficient instrument of battle.

With the industrial revolution and the advent of cars, the horse lost its importance but remained one of the most admired animals for its strength and elegance.

Many artists have attempted the representation of the horse, from the anonymous authors of the cave paintings, to Caravaggio in the Conversion of Saint Paul, to Jacques-Louis David in the famous portrait of Napoleon.

I had the opportunity to get to know horses better with riding lessons a few years ago and it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life, so in a free moment between one commission and another I decided to commit myself to painting this horse stained glass window.

For this horse portray I choosed a very detailed photograph in order to paint the finest details not only the animal but also the reins and the headstall.

In this video I show the delicate process of shading and highlighting to bring the horse to life in grayscale. The work will require several layers of paint and several firings in the kiln.

The oval painted with the horse then needed a frame and I thought of a classic style.

This horse stained glass window is still available and displayed in our atelier in Bolsena, it could be a panel to hang in front of the window or be enlarged to become the center of a window or door.

If you appreciate the timeless beauty of horses and the art of stained glass, this creation might just find its perfect place in your space.

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