Stained Glass Course in Uruguay

IKO studio has recently finished delivering a stained glass course in Uruguary. It was a truly fantastic experience for tutor Diego Tolomelli.

This stained glass course in Uruguay was mainly a glass painting course and a stained glass leading class: A single piece of glass was painted by the students and then surround with a simple border, then leaded up and cemented as a sun-catcher.

Over a two week period I taught about twenty students at Professor Radamez Teoduluz’s fusion glass studio in Montevideo. Professor Teoduluz organized the international course with perfect efficiency, procuring the necessary tools and materials for the courses and, each day after the course had ended, organising a social element too, with fine company, fainà (food) and cerveza (beer). I was made to feel very welcome and the warmth of the students and organise will remain with me always.

The class was made up of a mixture of ages and students had a variety of different reasons for studying stained glass. The more mature students saw this course as an opportunity to extend their skills as a hobby, while for younger students, from the local art school, Bellas Artes. This course offered them the chance to explore career opportunities.

This stained glass course in Uruguay was not only a great work experience of work but also an excellent human experience, in a short time I manage to established a strong friendship with my students an each day the atmosphere was relaxed, cheerful, and full of laughter.

Now back in Italy, I already miss the the students I met, and hope to see them again next year in the course that we intend to repeat.

My grateful thanks go to the students who came from throughout Uruguay, who were attentive and willing to experiment, Laura Gonzalez a former student who kindly convinced Professor Teoduluz to host the course and played an essential role in organising materials and space.

A lasting memory I will take away with me from my experience teaching stained glass in Uruaguay, came in the form of an exceptionally touching poem, composed by my students. It is based on the gaucho, the shepherd on horseback who leads his herds to the fields, and who, in the evening, sits in front of his camp fire, and composes serenades for his beloved.


Llegó a su fin la semana, de la inspiradora aventura. Entusiasmo y expectativa, mucho interés le pusieron los alumnos del Taller con el Profe Radames como guía,

haciendo grata la espera, de su profesor admirado, Diego Tolomelli ha llegado para presentarnos su legado.

Energía y creatividad invadieron nuestro Taller, y cada uno con su estilo, haciendo gala en su pieza, compartimos gratos momentos de enseñanza y alegría.

Laura fue la anfitriona, que entre español e italiano, supo darnos su atención, en este evento lucido.

Muchas almitas volaron, creando luz e ilusiones, pasamos una semana, compartiendo y abriendo nuestros corazones.

Vidrios, grisallas y colores hicieron que nos uniéramos en una pasión colectiva, sin escatimar los amores.

Diego te agradecemos, y claro que muy en grande, la oportunidad de conocerte y dejarnos tu obra de arte, ventana al alma y al cielo, que siempre recordaremos.

Tu insististe con el “Puente” y claro que lo utilizaremos no tengas dudas “amichi”, perdurará para siempre.

Querido Diego Tolomelli, que el puente que se ha generado, sea portador de nuestro respeto y cariño, así como tú lo has cruzado, con afecto y sin conocernos.Ecco una galleria che mostra momenti sia conviviali sia di lavoro durante questo Corso di Vetrate in Uruguay.

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