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We’ve just concluded a type of stained glass course, a Project Focused Stained Glass Course, that concentrated  on an ambitious stained glass project brought to the studio by Marisa. She wanted to create a stained glass panel for the sliding door in her living room. The size of the piece made the project particularly challenging, especially considering Marisa had no experience whatsoever working with glass.

Firstly, Marisa and I poured over a number of different design ideas, consulting a number of publications in our library. She decided to make a leaded stained glass of flowers, but that wouldn’t involve painting.

We created the stained glass pattern from scratch, and Marisa decided to use a blue ribbon design to provide a boarder for the roses, and she chose to make her petals from yellow glass of different intensities.

Project Focused Stained Glass Course

Once the cut lines had been designed, Marisa embarked on the onerous task of cutting more than 250 pieces of glass which would fit together to make a beautiful stained glass composition. Marisa’s perseverance was extraordinary and as she became more practiced and accurate she succeeded in completing the cutting phase in just five days.

Stained Glass Course Cutting

Stained Glass Cutting

A further two days were needed to complete the leading and we opted for 5mm lead canes in some areas and 3mm lead in the more delicate zones.

Marisa then cemented and cleaned her stained glass window and we organised packing and transport to ensure her wonderful work could be delivered safely to her home, ready to take pride of place in her sliding doors.

IKO Studio is very proud of Marisa’s work on this Project Focused Stained Glass Course. She demonstrated admirable will power, particularly considering she spent five days cutting – non-stop. BRAVA MARISA!

Stained Glass Marisa