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Course Project

Monica has joined us from Trento a city in north Italy for a Course Project which aimed to create a stained-glass window for her home under renovation.
As a profession Monica is graphics designer and illustrator, she works as a graphic designer in advertising companies and some local newspapers in Trento and as illustrator she works to create books and also illustrate a calendar for children, her cartoon for the creation of the glass is in fact a world fantastic fairytale animations.
Even for Monica this is the first approach to stained glass, before arriving here her intention was to have his work made by other local stained glass studios but after visiting a couple ok them the responses were negative and it seemed that was impossible to create a stained glass window with her cartoon.

Project Course
Design for the Project Course

So she decided to contact us an experiment with a completely technique to build personally her stained glass window.
The work is challenging and to complete her project she decided every evening to stay in the studio later then six pm, time that normally the lesson end.
The hardest part of this project focused course is undoubtedly the glass cutting, Monica in fact already as an illustrator draws and paints but with the glass cutter had never had any experience, but with so much good will and four long days of hard work Monica completes the glass cutting for her window and now she can focus on glass painting.
Having experience with painting in general Monica part slightly advantaged and after a bit of time to become familiar with the viscosity of the paint she begins to paint the lines of her window.

Course Project Stained Glass
Monica will experience then with the glass paint mixed with water, removing it in an original way from the surface of the glass and scratching with a hint of wood as in a tangle of lines.
Even the leading is certainly not easy especially for the remarkable dimensions of the project, but Monica will exceed even this obstacle and will arrive after grouting to finish her project focused course.
The stained glass of this course project will be taken to Trento glazed and installed in her living room, enjoy your window Monica.

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Stained Glass Window Monica