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Madonna and Christ Child
Religious stained glass, Mary and Child, italian stained glass made in Italy by Ikostudio, artist Diego Tolomelli

Religious Stained Glass Mary and Child

This fully-pained religious stained glass Mary and Child with a oval shape, features the Madonna and Christ Child in a classic renaissance Italian design. It has been hand painted using a brown and yellow opaque glass paints and kiln fire various times at a temperature of 650°C.

The glass use is a mix of mouth blown glass from English Antique Glass and a mix of machine made glass.

The yellow-amber boarder is decorated with a baroque motif, it is hand made in Italy by IKO Studio and can easily shipped all over the world.

The gallery shows the various painting stages and details of this religious stained glass Mary and Child.

IKO Studio specialises in hand painted stained glass and pays great attention to detail, both in the main image and in the boarders and decorations surrounding it. Artist Diego Tolomelli has worked on a vast number, of religious commissions and restorations in Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan and Nigeria. IKO studio produces commemorative windows and stained glass panels in a range of styles and to any measurements. We are happy to work directly with religious organisations or with architects.