Holy Spirit stained glass window

I was asked to create a stained glass window depicting the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove for a cemetery chapel in Sicily and precisely in Gela. The client was fascinated by the window of the apse of St. Peter’s in Rome, I love the background of that window but I find the figure of the dove not very harmonious and in a position more suited to a bird of prey than to a dove. The idea of representing the Holy Spirit in the form of doves is very ancient. The origins date directly to the gospel during the baptism of Jesus by John in the Jordan River. Luke says: “and the Holy Spirit descended on him in the bodily form like a dove.” Since the Holy Spirit is incorporeal, he is not visible. On this occasion, however, the Spirit took on a visible aspect and was no doubt seen by other people. The dove is an emblem of innocence and purity and, likewise, of holiness. For the cartoon I looked for a real photo of a flying dove, more or less in the same position but more harmonious than the one I was asked for. The client was satisfied and I was happy to develop my proposal.
Holy Spirit stained glass window Glass Cutting
The cut glass
Holy Spirit stained glass window Painting lines
First painting lines
Holy Spirit stained glass window shading

So I cut the dove with a clear mouth blown glass and for the bottom I used a mix of cathedral glass ranging from a very pale yellow to a rich orange.

The client was, as usual, updated with images of the different phases for the creation of this Holy Spirit stained glass window.

Holy Spirit Stained Glass Window

As requested, the panel was inserted in double glazing, packed in a wooden crate and shipped to Gela.

This stained glass window was recently copied by a colleague. We appreciate that we like our stained glass window. But if you are interested in our works, why don’t you ask us directly? Our 25 years of experience in this field are difficult to imitate and the result will not be the same.

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