Modern Windows

Modern and Hypnotic – Stained Glass windows for a Hair Salon.

I have recently been commissioned to create two modern windows for a hair salon in Rome that will be placed in the ceilings of two rooms and backlit with LED lights.
I was given free rein over the design, and I wanted to create to bright, modern windows with soft colours that would be in keeping with the interior design of the salon.
I decided to opt for an abstract design that would play with light and shadows to convey the idea of space, something like a galaxy.

The hair salon is named Porpora which is also the surname of the owner. Porpora in Italian refers to an intense rose/purple colour, and along with silver, they form the primary colour scheme of the salon. I chose to make these stained glass panels in two shades of pink blown glass, mixed with yellows and some strong blues, leaving a neutral colour to lighten the entire window.

For the glass painting of these modern stained glass, I decided to create effects using light shades of paint so as not to darken the glass too much.
The lead structure was made using different thicknesses ranging from 10 to 3 mm. Thin lead is essential for small glass pieces, the thicker leads have a double function, on the one hand, they mark strong lines in the design, on the other hand, they offer extra strength for a panel that must lay horizontally in the ceiling.

Modern Windows Leading Stained Glass

Because the two windows are quite large, the largest has a diameter of 250cm, I had to find a method to anchor the glass to the ceiling without it resting against the plasterboard ceiling. I solved the problem by constructing two very light iron frames, a small one to be fixed to the ceiling and a second to hold the glass and to set into the first with some threaded bars.

Positioned above the entrance and in the centre of the salon, these two modern stained glass panels have certainly enriched the room The two unique works are rich in colour and light, and are both contemporary and hypnotic, much like the styles of the studio’s hairdressers and the experience they offer to their clients.

Modern Windows View
Almond Modern Stained Glass
Circular Modern Stained Glass

In our portfolio you can admire other windows in modern and contemporary style where to be inspired, IKO Studio will be happy to develop your personalized project.