Modern stained glass window with lake Bolsena

We are lovers and connoisseurs of the lake and when we were asked for a modern window with the lake of Bolsena it didn’t seem real.
A couple of Dutch tourists who come every year to spend their holidays on the beautiful lake of Bolsena asked us for a modern, colorful, bright window containing detailed images to take as a souvenir to Holland.

Lake Bolsena is certainly a place to love.
This is the largest volcanic lake in Europe, with its two islands, the Martana and the Bisentina island, its crystal clear waters fed by rain and various sources, it is the ideal habitat for waterfowl, fishes and insects.
It offers beautiful beaches shaded by reeds and trees, ideal for tourists especially from northern Europe who can’t stand the Italian summer sun.

Modern stained glass with the lake Bisentina island

So I started the sketch thinking about what to put more representative in the window, the choice was vast. When the wind allows it we love to take long paddles in Kayak on the lake and admire the plants and reeds that overlook the beaches, the myriad of birds, cormorants, ducks, herons, egrets, kingfishers etc. but also the fish that can be seen underwater.

In the end I decided to include, the whitefish certainly the most famous fish alas for its good meat. The black-headed gulls that can be seen on the piers and that with our arrival all take flight together and the typical underwater plants that in summer reach the surface to bloom and be pollinated by the typical blue dragonflies.

This modern glass window with the lake of Bolsena was entirely made with mouth blown glass rich in bubbles especially for the underwater parts and painted with textures and effects created with different colors of grisaille.

Since we moved to Bolsena we immediately fell in love with this territory and decided to link our creativity to it.

We represented our Sante Christina, birds such as the hoopoe and the kingfisher typical of this area but also the glass fish that in a funny way represent the fish of our lake.

We invited to visit Bolsena and explore this beautiful part of Italy rich in history and nature.

Modern Stained glass window with Nature