Stained Glass Window with Grotesque

Working phases for the creation of a leaded stained glass with decorations in the grotesque style.

Grotesque is a painting style that dates back to Roman times, and is distinguished by imaginative figures that create frames and arabesque geometric effects.

The name grotesque comes from grotte (meaning caves) and refers to the painted caves found on the Opium Hill (colle oppio) discovered in Rome, that were actually the ceilings frescoes of the Domus Aurea, Emperor Nero’s private villa. Whilst the modern meaning of the word has connotations of ugly, the Grotesque window here, is certainly quite the opposite.

Working phases

Tracing lines and shading

At the center the clients aked for a detailed view of Orvieto and his famous Cathedra..

Because Grotesque is characterised by very bright colours it was be challenge to achieve the same intensity with layers of glass enamels, but we are pleased to present the results below.

Our stained glass window with grotesque in now completed

Grotesque Art Stained Glass

Detailed painting is our passion, in our portfolio you can admire other detailed stained glass work. If you have a similar project in mind for your environment, we will be happy to work for you.