Stained glass with birds

IKO Studio has created a series of stained glass with birds, so we decided to create a page on our blog that collects these works.
Birds have always fascinated or terrified humans for the ability to fly denied to humans for centuries.
For this reason birds have been represented in art since ancient times, an example are the cave paintings in the Lascaux caves in France dating back to more than 17,000 years ago.
With the use of stained glass in private homes, many artists have created stained glass windows with birds. In England in the Victorian era it was typical to make leaded stained glass windows with a central roundels painted with flowers or birds. In the art nouveau period, many stained glass windows with peacocks or parrots were created. The most famous are those designed by the Tiffany studios. Also in Italy, the artist Duilio Cambellotti created various stained glass windows with birds, among the most famous the stained glass window with peacocks visible in the museum of Villa Torlonia.

And here is a series of stained glass windows that we made for private commissions or available at our studio / atelier in Bolsena.

Leaded stained glass panel with owl and small tattoo-style stained glass window with swallows inserted in a light box that we made for a friend’s wedding.

Stained Glass Owl
Stained Glass With Swallows
Stained Glass Window With Flamingos

Stained glass window created for an upper door with pink flamingos and hibiscus flowers

Holy Spirit Stained Glass Window

Here is a stained glass window with a dove, a classical representation of the holy spirit. Inspired by the stained glass window in the apse of St. Peter’s in the Vatican but revised in a more realistic and modern style, created for a cemetery chapel in Sicily.

Hook For Vase with Glass Goldfinch

Small panel inserted in a wrought iron hook for flower pots, in the center a finely painted goldfinch with grisaille and transparent enamels.

Stained Glaas With Bird Hoopoe

Oval glass panel with hoopoe, finely painted with grisaille and enamels. In the border made with mouth blown glass we pained small flying insects, the main food of this beautiful bird. This panel is available, its dimensions are 31×37 cm. Hooks can be applied to the panel to hang it on a window or it can easily become the center of a stained glass for a window or a door.

Circular panel with kingfisher painted with grisaille and enamels. The central roundle is surrounded by a border made with mouth blown glass with tasty fishes for the kingfisher. This panel is still available, has a diameter of 31 and can be inserted easily in a glazing for a door or window.

Stained Glaas With Birds Kingfisher

Pair of table lamps with colorful birds and nests in a fairytale style, hand made burnished brass structure.

Table lamp Hand Painted With Birds
Lamp With Birds