Glass Fish

Fish have always been a source of inspiration in art, from the first cave representations to Roman mosaics, they became one of the main Christian symbols. Their elongated shape, their habitat, the skin formed by iridescent scales, make them a miracle of natural engineering.

IKO Studio offers its own interpretation.

Glass fish

Glass fish, made using the copper foil stained glass technique. These entirely handmade fish are composed of a mosaic of colored glass and finely painted glass following the grisaille technique. In addition, silver stain and transparent enamels which have been fired several times in a kiln at high temperatures, are also used. Once fired, the colors are vitrified on the glass itself with a practically eternal duration. Our glass fish are welded to a metal structure and mounted on a wax-polished solid wood base. On request, they can be mounted with a hook and displayed on a window just like our suncatchers

Our glass fish are unique objects for those who collect artistic fish. Decorated with contemporary and refined ornaments, they intercept the light and radiate a lively atmosphere.

The whitefish also called coregone in Italian is a freshwater fish typical of Italian and European lakes as well as our beautiful Bolsena Lake

The angelfish or scalar fish is a singularly shaped tropical fish

Sea bream is a common fish from the Mediterranean sea

The tench is a freshwater fish that lives in the seabed

The sea Angelfish lives in coral reefs