Luxury Lamp

This luxury lamp with a circular stained glass panel is housed in a hand-crafted wooden frame. It is the first circular lamp from IKO Studios.

This stained glass panel is made of float glass, cathedral glass and mouth blown glass from the German company Lamberts. The panel is finely decorated with glass paint using grisaille, yellow enamel and silver stain all of which have been kiln fired at 650°C.

The luxury lamp’s style has been inspired by an Islamic design with classic decorations from North African and Middle Eastern tiles.

The lamp’s wooden frame has a diameter of 80cm and a depth of 14cm.

This luxury lamp is illuminated with four energy saving light bulbs, the sides have been closed with an light diffusing material allowing light to cascade onto the wall whilst hiding the bulbs.

Luxury lamps with the same structure can be commissioned from our Italian stained glass studio using classical, floral, figurative, contemporary or abstract designs, all of which look stunning displayed on these large, luxury, circular wall lamps.

Luxury Lamp, made in Italy

Islamic Stained Glass, made in Italy

Islamic Stained Glass Detail, made in Italy