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Leaded Stained Glass, Work in Progress

Leading up a stained glass a work in progress gallery, in this process we are using the thinnest lead on the market, this leaded stained glass window is made in Italy by IKO Studio the glass that we are using is mouth blown glass from Lamberts and with machine made glass, it is finely hand pained and the internal decoration are coloured with yellow transparent enamel, red semi transparent enamel and silver stain.

The style is typical Islamic design from Morocco and the eras of North Africa.


Leaded stained glass, vetrata artistica in stile arabo e islamico, con giallo argento e smalti, pronta per essere tessuta a piombo

Ikostudio, Diego Tolomelli tessendo una vetrata artistica a piombo, nella categoria vetrate artistiche tradizionali con pittura su vetro a grisaglia e smalti

Diego Tolomelli in Iko studio e la tessitura a piombo di una vetrata artistica dipinta a grisaglia e smalti