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This January’s stained glass course we were delighted to welcome Alfredo and his daughter Raffaella.

Alfredo is from Naples, but he spends a good deal of his life in Africa. He loves his job and he loves Africa even more but unfortunately he’ spends a lot of time away from his wife and the three children.
Raffaella’s, his second daughter and had just finished art school in Naples and still didn’t not know exactly what to do with her future, among the many things she’s fascinated by, glass and in particular stained glass come top of her list and this is also something her father is passionate about – in fact Alfredo has done some glass painting in the past, painting on a single glass sheet of glass using non permanent colours.

January's Stained Glass Course Alfredo

Alfredo decided to gift an intensive stained glass course to himself and his daughter Raffaella, offering the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time together too whilst learning something fun, creative and interesting.

As usual, the students for this January’s stained glass course came prepared with clear ideas of what to make and images as guides which they’d taken from the net.
January's Stained Glass Course RaffaellaThe idea was to create a leadlight work without glass painting to start with, and then later to sign up to an intensive glass painting course in the future.
Father and daughter started to work really hard, Raffaela on a small panel , in pinks and purple and a little more complex than that Alfredo’s panel, Alfredo made a larger panel to be inserted in a room at his home in Naples.
Between 7 days of intense work, we squeezed in trips to Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio and our guests even treated us to a proper, home-made Napolitan pizza.

Once again, our students tasted sweet success in making stained glass. Alfredo and Raffaella created two beautiful stained glass windows.
Alfredo is returning to Africa soon wand Raffaella has promised to devote herself to review what she learned during the course before embarking on her artistic career.

Good luck and see you soon Alfredo and Raffarlla.January's Stained Glass Course Alf