Long term courses

Our stained glass long term courses are designed for those who want to turn the passion for the stained glass into a profession and have the opportunity to visit us for a period longer than a week and at a more covenient price.
Long term courses give students the opportunity to learn the different techniques, copper foil, leaded glass and glass painting, having a longer time to practice, creating different projects that can then be taken home.
Even for our long term courses we offer all the advantages of our traditional stained glass courses:

  • free accommodation
  • Free and shared lunches
  • material included

For this type of courses students will work from Monday to Friday, having the opportunity to rest at the weekend. It could be taking a day trip to the lake or organising a trip to Rome, Florence or other nearby locations.

With our long term course we already hosted:

Fesra has joined us from Cyprus to expand her knowledge with leaded stained glass and glass painting. Her project has been funded by the European Community.

Here’s what you can learn in two month long stained glass course

Kimma is a Korean artist and a friend who has visited us to create a series of works for a personal exhibition held in December at the NO.2 gallery in Seoul.

Here are the beautiful windows made in the six months with Kimma

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