Lead stained glass courses with grisaille painting

What will you learn?

Students will learn to create a classic leaded stained  glass window with the addition of glass painting. It will not be a real glass painting course but the students will have the opportunity to experiment also with this technique. We will share our knowledge of this specialist technique with you and students will create a stained glass panel of their dreams. Leaded and painted stained glass windows are a speciality of IKO Studio. If this is not the course you were looking for, go to the page about our stained glass courses.
Gothic roundle stained glass
I highly recommend this experience! Diego is a very professional and passionate teacher. The course is spectacular!
Flor Castelli

The project

All students are asked to come already with an idea of what they wish to create and if it is possible to share with us by email before-hand. Once in the studio students will complete their design by either free hands or using a plotter, the design will be enlarged to full scale.

Cut lines

Students will learn how to trace cut lines on the design and how to determine the right thickness to leave for the lead strips. The students become familiar will the shapes that can be cut easily as well as identifying shapes that are more challenging.

Glass Cutting

Students will select the colored glass they want to use in their project and with use of a traditional glass cutter, the students will have plenty of practice cutting the glass pieces. Students cut on a glass table following the cut lines, after each pieces is cut, students will learn how to refine the edges of the glass using a grinding machine.

Glass Painting

The student will paint each piece of glass following traditional techniques and using traditional pigments and enamels specifically for the art of stained glass.


Once cut, the students will learn how to assemble the individual pieces of glass into their panel using lead strips. They will learn how to effectively handle this material in order to follow the shapes of our glass, and the different types of lead strips that are available on the market. After leading the panel the students will weld the lead joints with a soldering iron.


In order to strengthen our stained glass panel and to make it waterproof the students will cement their work with a special putty. Students will learn the recipe we use to make the special putty to cement stained glass, how to apply it on the panel and how to clean it off. At the end the panel will be polished with a soft brush in order to darken the lead and the solder joints.

Yours to keep

The final stained glass panel remains the property of the student so they can take their project home with them.

Course Cost 850€

Course duration and accommodation

Our intensive stained glass course last for a week (7 days). Normally students arrive Sunday afternoon / evening in order to start the course on Monday morning. The course will end on Sunday after the students finish the cementing phase We have the possibility to accommodate the students in a beautiful apartment in the castle hamlet of Bolsena for a very special price
  • 7 days of lessons
  • 8 hours of lessons per day
  • complimentary lunch
  • all materials included
  • special price accommodation available

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