Glass painting course

What you will learn

AtIKO Studio we have been working  in the field of stained glass for years, painting with grisaille. You will learn how to mix pigments in the best way, using essential and synthetic oils to get the best lines, how to mix the grisaille with water and with gum arabic. To get the desired nuances and effects of this paint, we will teach you to use the badger brush. The use of coloured enamels and kiln firing technique for various pigments used in the art of stained glass. If this is not the course you were looking for please look at our stained glass courses page.
I highly recommend this experience! Diego is a very professional and passionate teacher. The course is spectacular!
Flor Castelli
Glass Painting Moses

Glass painting courses program


The course will start with short introduction to glass painting. The students will start work by designing what they would like to paint on tracing paper and they will cut the glass to be painted and transfer the design to the glass.

Tracing Lines

The students will learn how to to mix the black and brown tracing colors with essential oils and turpentine and then they will start practising drawing the initial tracing lines. Once the tracing is completed and dry, the student will correct the lines by scratching off the paint with a spiked tool. Once the student is happy of the result the glass is fired for the first time.


The next phase will teach the students how to apply shading with glass paint. Students will learn to put a wash of color on glass and to change the shading’s intensity using a badger brush. Once the paint is dry the student will lighten the painting by scratching off the pigment with stiff brushes.


The students will learn how to color parts of the glass with transparent enamels. They will learn how to mix the pigments, how to apply it on glass, how to scratch it off and fire it in the kiln.

Your’s to keep

All the work produced during the course will be kept by the students We will support your learning by offering all the studio materials you need and carefully supervise and advise you during the painting phases. At the end of our glass painting courses we support students purchase colours, mediums and brushes to continue practicing at home. It is the responsibility of the teacher to provide all the necessary tools for the creation of the work and to follow the students for the duration of leaded stained glass course.

Course price 850€

Course duration and accommodation

Our intensive stained glass course last for a week (7 days). Normally students arrive Sunday afternoon / evening in order to start the course on Monday morning. The course will end on Sunday afternoon. We have the possibility to accommodate the students in a beautiful apartment in the castle hamlet of Bolsena for a very special price
  • 7 days of lessons
  • 8 ore of work per day
  • Lunch provided every day
  • Materials included
  • Accommodation available for a special price

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