Copper Foil Stained Glass Course

What will you learn

During this course students create a copper foil (Tiffany style) stained glass project, either a panel or a three-dimensional object. You will learn the different techniques of this craft during the creation of their work. If this is not the course you were looking for, go to the page about our stained glass courses
I highly recommend this experience! Diego is a very professional and passionate teacher. The course is spectacular!
Flor Castelli

Copper foil stained glass course program

The project

Prior to the course we will discuss your project ideas with you and you are encouraged to come with a clear idea of what you wish to create. You will begin by being instructed on how to enlarge the design to its full size, using strong paper, as well as making a perfect copy on normal paper. Each shape designed on the project represent a piece of glass, each piece is numbered on both copies of the design. Next students cut the strong paper templates following the design with special double blade scissors, these templates are used in the glass cutting phase.

Glass Cutting

Students will select the glass colors for their panel and with the use of a traditional glass cutter will cut the pieces of glass using helped by the strong paper templates. The edges of the glass are refined using a grinding machine, which we will show you how to use.

Copper Foiling

Once all the pieces of glass are cut, we teach you how to apply the copper foil along the glass edges.


The copper foiled glass pieces are then laid in their exact position on the normal paper and students will learn how to weld the panel together using solder and a soldering iron.

Yours to keep

All the work produced during the course will be kept by the students We will support your learning by offering all the studio materials you need and carefully supervise and advise you during the painting phases. At the end of our glass painting courses we support students purchase colours, mediums and brushes to continue practicing at home.
It is the responsibility of the teacher to provide all the necessary tools for the creation of the work and to follow the students for the duration of the copper foil stained glass course.

Course price 850€

Course duration and accommodation

Our intensive stained glass course last for a week (7 days). Normally students arrive Sunday afternoon / evening in order to start the course on Monday morning. The course will end on Sunday afternoon.
We have the possibility to accommodate the students in a beautiful apartment in the castle hamlet of Bolsena for a very special price
  • 7 days of lessons
  • 8 ore of work per day
  • Lunch provided every day
  • Materials included
  • Accommodation available for a special price

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