Glass DoorCreation of a glass door with hand painted poem on single sheet of Madras Kyoto glass.

In every day life my client is an engineer but in his free time he cultivates a real passion for poetry so much so that he even composes poems himself.

Romantically, he penned a lovely poem dedicated to his wife and decided to immortalize it forever on a glass door that separates their bedroom from the living room.

The creation of the poem on glass required patience a steady hand, and a fine brush, so that the poem could be transcribed on to the door’s window.
Kyoto Madras glass was used, it is an machine made 5mm thick glass that has treated with acids which give an beautiful effect, however, the acid etching leaves the surface slightly porous making it tricky to effectively remove any mistakes made during the painting. For this reason precision hand painting was needed.
The glass door’s poetry required two full days of intensive, concentration, and a steady hand, but the final result was quite splendid. The poem looks as if it has been printed on the etched glass.
After the painting was complete, the large glass sheet needed to be fired in a special, large electric kiln, and it was then installed on site.

Marco and his wife were delighted with the results.

Poetry Painted on Glass Door

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