Price for a stained glass

How much is a stained glass?


Price for a stained glass

How much is a stained glass window? Many who ask me a quote for a stained glass window often have no idea of the process and the time it takes to make a stained glass window, the cost of materials and therefore what they will spend for their door or window.

Making a quoto for a stained glass window is not an easy thing even for professionals, the purpose of this page is not to replace a real quote but to give a general idea of the costs, thus avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

The type of glass used can influence the price for a stained glass window, as well as the complexity of work. The lower the cost of labor is, the more that the cost of the materials will affect the overall price. The cost for colored glass varies on the type, machine made glass or hand-made (mouth blown glass) and the type of colors.

The price of an industrial machine made glass ranges from € 40 to € 70 per square meter.

The price for mouth blown glass varies from € 130 to € 180 per square meter


A lead-light is a mosaic where different pieces of colored glass are held together by lead strips. The lead joints are welded with solder and the window is then stiffened and waterproofed by a special putty that fills the gap between glass and lead.

The price for a lead-light window varies with the number of glass fragments that compose the mosaic. Starting from geometric windows with quarries (diamonds or rectangulars) to much more complex mosaics with thin leads that require a much more precise glass cutting and elaborate leading.

Descover more about lead-lights

Price for a stained glass low
Low complexity €600 per sq meter
Price for a stained glass medium
Medium complexity €1000 per sq meter
Price for a stained glass high
High complexity €1900 per sq meter

Leaded and painted stained glass

A leaded and painted stained glass is also a mosaic of colored glass joined together by lead where part or all of the glass pieces are painted with specific pigments. The glass is fired several times in a kiln in order to permantently place the color.

In this case the work takes much longer and the price will be higher than a simple lead-light window. The price for a stained glass window will also vary according to the complexity of the glass painting.

To get a clearer idea I propose three examples of stained glass panels with different glass painting complexity, keeping in mind that these stained glass windows are about 50×50 cm

Simple painted stained glass
Low complexity painting €1300 per sq meter
Medium painted stained glass
Medium complexity painting €1900 per sq meter
Difficult painted stained glass
High complexity painting €8000 per sq meter

Spun roundels windows

A spun roundels window consists of a mosaic of different leaded pieces with particular glass circles called spun roundels. The spun roundels are unique, handmade products created by glass blowing, that were historically used a lot in Venice and in Italy they are often called Venetian roundels.

In a spun roundels window the price depends on both the labor and the cost of the roundels themselves. With roundels being a handmade product, roundel windows can reach a fairly high price. The number of roundels used will greatly affect the price of the window.

Below some example of spun roundels window

Spaced Roundels panels €1200 per sq meter

Aligned Roundels panels €2200 per sq meter

Slanted Roundesl panels € 3200 per sq meter

Spaced Roundels
Spaced Roundels
Aligned Roundel Stained glass window
Aligned Roundels
Slanted Roundel Stained Glass window
Slanted Roundesl

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