[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]medieval stained glass window restored by Diego Tolomelli, Italy

Once every hundred years or so, the elements take their toll on stained glass and the stained glass needs to be restored. IKO Studio can take care of your restoration and conservation of stained glass needs.

medieval stained glass window restoration by Diego Tolomelli, Italy The lead has become brittle, the glass dirty. A well conducted restoration can ensure the window lasts for another century and rejuvenates the window’s splendor. We can even restore vandalised windows (don’t throw anything away)!




restoration of an old stained glass window by Diego Tolomelli Italy Iko studio Italy restoration of a painted stained glass window Diego Tolomelli Italy stained glass window restoration


We have accumulated a wealth of experience in the restoration and conservation of stained glass, of any age, in any condition. If pieces of stained glass are missing, a new piece is carefully cut and repainted. Our painting skills ensure the missing stained glass is faithfully reproduced in colour and painting style.

Diego Tolomelli, Iko studio Italy restoration of a John Hardman stained glass windowIko studio Italy restoration of a stained glass window

Using special resins even broken or cracked pieces can have their unsightly reflections removed, preserving the original glass for posterity. Each piece of the window is carefully hand cleaned with water and fiber-glass brushes and finally the restored stained glass is meticulously re-leaded and cemented.

Iko studio, Italy restoration of a painted stained glass window We have resorted a number of prestigious stained glass collections in England including Sam Fogg’s 2002 London exhibition published in the catalog “Images in Light: Stained Glass 1200 – 1550 “[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]