Safety glass, the lockdown class

I haven’t written an article about one of my courses for a long time, but Daniela’s course was one of the most original.

Daniela is Italian American and when she organized her course with us she was staying with her paternal family in Emilia Romagna.

During the first week of the course, an ordinance closed the areas most at risk of contagion, including Emilia Romagna. Daniela who, however, had booked a two-week course decided to stay for the second week.

It is precisely during the second week of the course that all of Italy became a red zone and Daniela remained stuck in Bolsena and sp she decided to continue working with stained-glass.

Her two-week course turned into a three-month seminar.

In this video Daniela talks about her experience.

Bolsena is a beautiful medieval village in central Italy on the shores of the homonymous lake. If you are interested in spending a creative and safe holiday, our stained glass courses could be ideal for you.