Every home needs light, light not only performs a function but creates atmosphere and influences your mood. This is why it is important to choose the right lighting.
IKO Studio personalizes your lighting by designing ceiling lights, wall lamps, light boxes, and table lamps.
Our products are all handmade, from the stained glass to the structures and if IKO Studio falls short, we rely on the collaboration with other craftsmen to create the required product.

Wall lamps

Our wall lamps are entirely handmade for a unique and original interior decor.
The lamps are made with stained glass panels mounted with lead, starting with the finest colored glass, often mouth blown. The panels are finely painted with refined grisaille painting and transparent enamels that are kiln fired and practically eternal.
We work with all styles, shapes and sizes, and with designs ranging from classic to modern and contemporary styles.
The lamp structures are handmade and built from wood or metal and with opal polycarbonate which allows the light to spread on the wall.
Our designs are unique and when asked we will work on commission to reproduce images requested by you, such as your company logo or any other specific images. Our wall lamps are ideal for creating lighting in bars, restaurants, and shops, but they are also perfect for your home.

Ceiling lamps

IKO Studio ceiling lamps allow you to create the ideal atmosphere and add a touch of unique style to your environment. They are entirely handmade and personalized for you with the Tiffany lamp technique and are available in an infinite range of colors. Available in different shapes, they can illuminate the entire environment or brighten strategic points of your home.

Table lamps

Do not settle for an industrial lamp, when you can have an hand made lamp created especially for you by specialized craftsmen.
We will make for you a finely hand painted glass lampshades and we collaborate profewssionists for the production of the structures for your table lamp. Available in aluminum, brass, burnished brass and chromed at the height you want. The lampshade created by us will be made especially for you, following your ideas and the favourite colors for your environment. Take a look to our lamps with butterflies recently created by IKO Studio.

Light box lamp

We create light box lamps entirely made of opal perspex with custom-made structures by artisans specialized in the sector.
The opaline perspex lightboxes offer 360 ° lighting, these structures are perfect to display modern stained glass panels and are ideal for contemporary interior design.

Wrought iron lamps

Wrought iron lamps or lanterns are made entirely by hand, either with a completely new structure or with a restored ancient structure. These are available in various shapes and sizes. The inserts are made with unique and hand-painted glass or are made with stained glass techniques, the colors are fired in a kiln and will last over time. Our wrought iron lamps are perfect for illuminating a porch, an entrance, or a hallway, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.