Wall Lamps

Blue Abstract Wall Lamp

Luxury stained glass lamps by IKO Studio

We create luxury stained glass lamps enriched with stained glass panels for any kind of purpose, wall lights, table lamps, light fixtures and light-boxes for furniture in any style and of any dimension or shape. Each illuminated light, lamp or light-box is hand made using wood and polycarbonate sheets which securely old the glass and help diffuse the light and hide any unsightly bulbs.

We are delighted to take commissions and collaborate in designing bars, restaurants, shops and other public places. We offer a full design service and are also able realise your logo or an interior design theme in traditional or contemporary styled stained glass.

Our stained glass lamps, like all of our products are made in Italy, and shipped all over the world.

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Lightbox Lamp

Lightbox Lamp Matroiska Doll

We create wall lamps or table lamps entirely made of opaline perspex with custom-made structures by artisans specialized in the sector.
The opaline perspex lightboxes offer 360 ° lighting, these structures are perfect to display modern stained glass panels and are ideal for contemporary interior design.

Table Lamps

Lightbox Lamp Matroiska Doll

Table lamps, unique and original, with leaded stained glass panels finely painted with traditional glass paint and transparent enamels. The structures are entirely handmade and can be made in different sizes, in wood or iron.

Wrought Iron Lamps

Wrought Iron & Stained Glass Lamp

Lamps in wrought iron entirely made by hand, with new or antique restored structure, as in the photo, which is still available. Leaded and painted stained glass panels hand made and finely painted in any color or design.

We are available for quotes and to develop your original ideas and wishes, if you are interested, leave a message on our contacts page

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