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Clara Driscoll from Clara and Mr. Tiffany

All art lovers and creative types should read “Clara and Mr. Tiffany”, it is a book that will captivate you and draw you in to an era of economic and artistic growth, in a studio which is historically important in terms of stained glass and art.

Written by Susan Vreeland, this book tells the true story of Clara Driscoll, a girl who was forced to resign from Tiffany Stuidos when she got married and returns to ask for her old job back when she later became widowed. Clara would soon become the director of the so called Tiffany Girls Team that Louis nurtured.

Diego Tolomelli – IKO studio

You will be fascinated by the stained glass the girls designed specifically for each work, the creativity of Clara and the girls’ and their ability to transform the beauty of nature into wonderful stained glass, the atmosphere of a successful studio and its director, a man full of charm and mystery.

But “Clara and Mr. Tiffany” is not only this, it is a book that enables us to see the experiences of working women of the time. Tiffany is the only studio which employs girls in its workforce yet they are forced to resign before they consent to marriage and they can not belong to a union or receive the same pay as their male counterparts.

Clara and her artists do not like it when the men at Tiffany Studios become jealous of the women’s team’s success and Clara organises a demonstration where female workers march with dignity through the streets of Manhattan to the studios and cross the men’s picket line.

The Tiffany Girls