Traditional Stained Glass

Traditional stained glass includes simple glass mosaic designs, as well as detailed painted glass that borrows themes from heraldry, nature and mythology. There are a range of traditional styles, from classical to neoclassical, Victorian and Pre- Raphaelite

Why Traditional Stained Glass?

Stained glass brings an unmistakable elegance to interior design. It can become a focal point or help accent other themes in the overall design. It can provide colour and privacy from the outside world, and at night, lit from within, stained glass windows create a colourful impact on a buildings facade.

Uses of Traditional Stained Glass

From quarried windows, through to decorative motifs, the stained glass panels can be installed into existing window frames, sky-lights, doors, furniture, light-boxes and they can also be turned into beautiful free-standing or wall mounted lamps.


As with all IKO Studio’s stained glass, we follow the traditional, time-tested techniques of the master craftsmen (and women) of the past. We design by hand, hand select every individual piece of glass, hand-cut them with diamond wheels, grind them so they fit together perfectly and where necessary paint with specialist glass paints, stains or enamels, them and kiln fire them. The pieces of glass are then woven together with lead strips of various thickness, which compliment the design. Finally the glass is cemented and cleaned making it weather resistant for up to 100 years.

IKO Studio is a specialist in painted stained glass
Hand painting a traditional stained glass

IKO studio prides itself to attention to detail and so, our windows look as beautiful close up as they do from a distance.

The Design Process

Following a careful conversation with our clients where we share our expertise, listen to their ideas and take into consideration the environment in which the stained glass will be exhibited, we produce some initial sketches, followed by a scaled, hand-drawn design, this is then coloured with water-coloured paints to give an indication of the colour pallet that will be used. This design is referred to as the cartoon. We indicate the lead-lines on the cartoon. Once the design is approved, the cartoon is enlarged to 1:1 scale and the glass is carefully selected, cut, ground, painted and fired.

As each design is done by hand and can take 1-2 days to complete, we like to get the design correct the first time around. We have an extensive library of past works and designs, as well as examples of traditional designs by some of stained glass’s most prestigious past masters, from which our clients are helped to draw inspiration. However, each design is unique and we never re-use designs.

Keeping you informed

During the creation of the stained glass, we take photographs of the work in progress and send them to our clients, and then of course, prior to shipping and installation, a photograph of the finished glass in its full glory is taken.

We are experienced at working to deadlines, and always deliver either on-time or before the deadline. We are always on-budget.

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