Glass painting courses abroad

During these years we have been asked to hold glass painting courses abroad, most of the time they have been held in other stained glass studios, but also in privately owned workshops.
This formula is ideal for groups of students who already work with glass, with the copper foil or leading techniques and want to experience glass painting in a more economical way than to come to us for an intensive course.

You need:

  • a workshop
  • a kiln
  • a group of willing students

I will be available to help you in these phases.

We can teach in Italian, English and Spanish, for other languages we will need a volunteer to translate.The glass painting courses abroad usually lasts 5 working days, where the students will work all day long.

As a teacher I will provvide all the material related to glass painting.

I will issue a certificate for the students that complete the course.

With the formula of glass painting courses abroad we have taught in the following countries:

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