Eco-friendly stained glass courses

Eco-friendly stained glass courses are a personal initiative by IKO Studio that we are starting to help decrease the environmental impact of our students, while leaving unchanged the course price.

Most of our students come to us in Bolsena from different parts of the world on intercontinental flights, creating CO2 emissions that we are not proud of.

Climate change, the environmental crisis, and the recent Covid19 pandemic are things that should make us reflect on what we are doing to our beloved planet earth.

Those who have come to study with us know how much we care about the environment. With the pandemic that the world is facing, and the lockdown that is being imposed for health reasons, it has given us time to reflect on how to act.

Since IKO Studio was born, it has always used Banca Etica, a bank specialized in ethical and alternative finance, we have done this in order to have a positive impact from a social and environmental point of view.

We turned to Banca Etica which suggested the zeroCO2 association which aims to give birth to new trees in an area of Guatemala that has suffered major deforestation.

With the new IKO Studio initiative for eco-friendly stained glass courses, the following will be donated from IKO Studio:

  • € 100 per student who reaches us on an intercontinental flight
  • € 50 for those who reach us with a European flight
Eco-friendly stained glass courses tree

However, we inform you that this is our choice and that this donation will not affect the weekly price of our stained glass courses which remains € 850 and will remain unchanged for the next two years.

IKO Studio with its new eco-friendly stained glass courses is looking forward to restart its educational activities and would like to invite everyone for the time being to stay at home.